NCLEX Guide For Filipinos

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NCLEX GUIDE for Filipinos

NCLEX California Guide
(For Foreign Nurses)

~Step-by-step Procedure ~

~Getting started ~

How to get application form:

1. Please visit

2. Click the Licensure and Examination. (on the left side)

3. Then, Click the option Licensure by examination.

4. Lastly, click the Application for Licensure by Examination (PDF file)

5. Print the form.

My remarks:

I suggest that you print pages 1-22 only because pages 23-24 are just list of review centers in the USA, which is not applicable for all of us. Read carefully all the instruction. I suggest that you start processing your application since California NCLEX processing takes more or less 6 months to process.

How to acquire and accomplish the Fingerprint card:


1. E mail the Board of Registered Nursing:

2. Your e-mail must include “request for fingerprint card” as email subject, your name and your complete address (don’t forget your zip code).

3. Start by emailing them and request for Fingerprint card so that they will send you 2pcs of FBI fingerprint card.

4. The fingerprint card is expected to arrive 2-3weeks after they received your email.

5. Bring it to National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

How to apply for Request for Transcript and Breakdown for Educational Program
for International Nursing Programs

1. Go to your school where you graduated and bring your two forms:
a. Request for Transcript
b. Breakdown for Educational Program for International Nursing Program

2. Pay for Certification (P100 for Emilio Aguinaldo Graduates)

3. Then proceed to the Nursing Department and present the following:
a. Official receipt
b. Photocopy Related Learning Experience (RLE) Record
c. Original or photocopy Transcript of Records (I suggest give the original.)
d. Request for Transcript and Breakdown for Educational Program for International Nursing Program forms

4. Wait for the release. This may take more or less 5 working days.

5. If your forms are accomplished, have your papers authenticated, this is if you did not submit original TOR and RLE Records. Proceed to the cashier pay for Authentication Fee (P25 per pages-EAC).

6. Then submit the forms and the receipts to the registrars office.

My remarks: Don’t forget to ask for envelope! Everything must be authenticated!

And you’re done!!!

Examination Application Requirements Checklist

Applicants must provide the following:

 Appropriate fee

 Completed Application for Licensure by Examination

 Completed fingerprints card

 One recent 2” x 2” passport-type picture

 Request For Transcript Form completed and forwarded directly from the nursing school with certified transcript

 Breakdown of Educational Program for International Nursing Programs form

 Submit a copy of your license or diploma

 Photocopy of your license card

 Board rating from PRC, and board certificate for foreign purposes(P75)

Board Address and Website

Mailing address: Board of registered Nursing
P. O. Box 944210
Sacramento, CA 94244-2100

Street Address for overnight
or in-person delivery: Board of Registered Nursing
400 R Street, Suite 4030
Sacramento, Ca 95814-6239

Web site:

Application Fee Schedule

Application for licensure by examination only

Application fee----------$ 75.00
One Fingerprint card-----$ 32.00
TOTAL FEE $107.00

Source: nclex guide for filipinos

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